30 Holiday Decor Ideas For Your Bradenton Home

30 Holiday Decor Ideas For Your Bradenton Home

With the holiday season already here, there is still time to transform your Bradenton home in to a holiday masterpiece for all of the family and friends. Here are 30 tips to make your mark on the holidays.

Twist on a Traditional Wreath

Try to make a homemade wreath with oranges. You’ll want to get a circular piece of florist’s foam, use a wooden florist’s pick to secure the oranges. Then you can tie it with a velvet ribbon!

Sparkly Ornament Display

For a simple centerpiece, try placing vintage ornaments on a cake stand.

Personalized Place Settings

Guests will love it if you have a buffet style dinner and wrap each dish in a sheet of parchment paper with a ribbon before stacking it.

Invite Greenery Inside

Drape some greenery in the doorways!

Garland with a Natural Touch

String some pinecones and hang them over your doorway.

An Understated Mantel

Try placing some white votives and dramatic white amaryllises on the mantel.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Decorate a small tree with decorations that share the same color scheme and place it on your side table.

Stylishly Suspend Ornaments

Make a whimsical chandelier by hanging old-fashioned ornaments.

Front Door Flair

Tie silver bells on the front door’s doorknob.

Frosting on the Door

Spray paint a wreath to create a winter wonderland.

Embellish a Wreath

Decorate a wreath with colorful ornaments.

Festive Flair for Stemware

For an extra bit of festivity, tie some ribbons around the stems of your wineglasses.

Mix and Match Centerpiece

Mix some oranges and some peppermint candy in a glass jar for a quick, fun centerpiece.

Wintery Mix

You can take advantage of a window ledge and decorate it by placing some pine boughs in a large base.

Modern Mobile Chandelier

To create a weightless chandelier, use wooden quilting hoops to create a mobile that floats.

Everything is Illuminated

Use twinkling topiaries to light up a room!

Showcase a Vintage Collection

Use vintage ornaments to make a curtain!

Creative Place Settings

Fill clear glass orbs with pine needles and trinkets to personalize your ornaments.

Update Outdoor Decor

Put some decorations around a post you might have in your front yard.

Wreath Filled with Wishes

Invite visitors to write a wish and slip the piece of paper on the wreath.

An Arrangement of Silver Bells

Add some silver bells to your dining room table to add some sparkle.

Casting the Perfect Glow

add tealights to frosted-glass vases to create a soft, flickering light.

Colorful Banister Display

tie ribbons of different lengths to ornaments and then tie them to a ribbon along a banister.

Light the Way

String fairy lights on a banister to create a heavenly stairway.

Decorative Photo Collage

Make a collage of your family’s holiday picture cards and clothespin them to a stick. Place it on the mantel and enjoy!

Light it Right

Add holiday lights to a mantel or sideboard!

Electrifying Wall Decor

Wrap a wire wreath frame with a string of lights to make an electrifying wreath.

Faux Fabulous

Place some glass jars full of holly or mistletoe on your table for decoration.

Lush and Natural Greenery

Lay some evergreen on the top of the banister for some greenery.

Fresh Tree Trimmings

If you don’t want to go through the fuss of hanging lights decorate with fresh fruit and flowers.


Add in any of these holiday twist to your Bradenton home and you will be sure to make all of your family and friends quite jealous.


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