Bradenton Window Replacement: When To Replace Them

Bradenton Window Replacement: When To Replace Them

Part of being a homeowner is keeping an eye on energy savings and repairs. Having the right windows can make a huge difference in your home. For any Bradenton window replacement though, timing is key.

If your windows are more than a decade old, you need to make sure they are still working correctly. Signs to look for are: finding moisture on the inside of the window; worn locks; fading curtains; leaking of air or water; and frames that are rotting. If these kind of problems continue, higher gas and electric bills may be next. Replacing your old windows with new ones will decrease your energy bills.

If outside weather is causing problems inside your home, you’ve got a problem

Inefficient windows can leak, allowing water to come into your house, which is a leading cause of mold and mildew. If this is happening, it may be time to consider having your windows replaced.

Old windows often leak air, resulting in high energy bills during the summer and winter. Dual-pane, low-E glass windows offer substantial energy savings.

“If a window is showing signs of failure, our in-home consultation process will allow us to look at your current needs to determine if window replacement is suggested,” Bob Camire, head of sales training for Renewal by Andersen of Dayton, says. “Renewal by Andersen products feature Fibrex composite material that combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl.”

Many older homes still use their original windows built with single-pane glass. A common problem with older windows is that during winter months, they feel cold to the touch. They’re also known to develop frost on the inside, causing damage to your home.

Andersen introduced dual-pane glass in 1952, setting a new standard for energy efficiency in windows.

Another reason to replace windows involves safety

Worn-out locks and windows that are painted shut can present safety hazards to you and your loved ones, as well. 

Cone Mr. Build Inc. today and see just what our Bradenton Window Replacement can do for you and your home!

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