Improve Your Bradenton Home Remodel on a Budget

Improve Your Bradenton Home Remodel on a Budget

When you’re tight on cash but you still want to make your home shine, you have several options.

Here are 4 ways to make improvements to your Bradenton home remodel on a tight budget.

1. Kitchen Makeover

Many families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen.

Updating the kitchen doesn’t need to be expensive. Consider purchasing a replacement faucet set, changing cabinet door handles, and/or replacing older lighting fixtures with modern spotlights.

2. Make the Bathroom Sparkle Once Again

Minor changes to the bathroom can make a world of difference. Replace the toilet seat, and/or lay some pretty vinyl tiles over the discolored flooring.

3. Create an Additional Bedroom

Does your home have a den that could also be used as a guest bedroom? Most dens would qualify. Place a couch or futon that folds out to a full-size bed into the room, and you’re all set.

4. Professional Cleaning

Carpets wear down over time and need to be maintained. A professional carpet cleaning service is affordable and can help to refresh a carpet that is beginning to age. The cleaning process can also remove allergens and germs.

There are many small changes that can vastly improve your home. Buying new frames for your photos, placing a new rug in the kitchen, or setting up a standing lamp can help create a totally new look in your space. What changes would you like to make first to your Bradenton home remodel?

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